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ABOUT: Seth Garcia (Studio G)

Award winning and published photographer, Seth Garcia, was born in Washington, D.C and currently resides in Jefferson City, Missouri.  Seth is the third of seven first generation Filipino American children in his family.  His father, was recruited from the Philippines to join the German team of rocket scientists headed by Werner Von Braun, and spent time in the military rocket program in Washington D.C..  The Garcia family was then transferred to Huntsville, Alabama, where Seth’s father lead a notable career with NASA, whose accomplishments include the development of the propulsion systems that placed man on the Moon, and still in use on every major space mission and by the military to date.  It is here where Seth grew up, and developed his passion and appreciation for the creative as well as the technical arts.  Seth also learned the violin, played for the Huntsville Youth Orchestra was a Boy Scout of America and voted "Most Friendly" in both his Freshman and Junior HS yearbooks. Seth has also spent 30 years in the office machine business as a technical specialist.  Now a 9 year commercial photographer for a major University in Jefferson City, MO he also specializes in weddings, corporate events, photojournalism, commercial, fashion, glamour and has very proficient Photoshop skills.  When you hire Seth, you will not only feel relaxed by his ease to work with and friendly manner, but pleased by his hard work, professionalism, attention to detail, and personably creative service, and impressed by his diligence, enthusiasm, creativity and energy.  Seth has excellent references and resume available upon request.

Starting out as a hobby in High School, Seth's actual career in photography began in 1998.  Seth started out by voluntarily providing photography for hundreds of community events and helping  wedding photographers in Mobile, AL.  Seth’s work has appeared in numerous international, national and local publications, magazines, billboards, websites, posters and CD covers  including: Lincoln University-Missouri, Lincoln University-Alumni Association, Ebony Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, Missouri Life Magazine, Maxim.Com, Fox Sport's, Scout.Com, Kansas City Chief's NFL Warpaint Illustrated Magazine, Jubilee Breeze Magazine, Mobile Bay Monthly Magazine, Jefferson City Business Times, The Spotlight Magazine, Premier Publishing, Pmt Publishing, Jefferson City Home Magazine, University of South Alabama, St. Louis Steamers Cheerleaders, St. Louis Steamers Pro Soccer League, Alabama Sports Festival, Parry Publishing, Catchphrase Publicity, Fine Arts Museum of the South, The Museum of Mobile, The Mobile Ballet Association, Dancers Ally, Jefferson City Little Theater, 2009 Girls of Entertainment Mid-Missouri Calendar, Musician album covers and many more. Seth was also a licensed pilot.  His aerial photography has been used by the Environmental Protection Agency, The Sierra Club, Re/Max Realtors of Gulf Shores, AL, and the Baldwin County, AL Chamber of Commerce. Seth is the recipient of the 29th Annual "Photographer Of The Year" award for Camera South and voluntary contributor and award winner of the Jefferson City Photography Club. Seth hosts the Power-of-light & Power-of-Photoshop Photography Workshops and mentor program and has been all over the country teaching and inspiring photographers of all skill levels with tips and tricks on his lighting and Photoshop techniques.

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More of Seth's work?
Models of the American Heartland is an archive of over 11,300 images of over 800 Models on his Facebook Pages below.

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