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Modeling Advise:  The olé adage, "You get what you pay for," has never been more accurate than in the differences between mediocre and quality photographs, but it's also in the ability of the photographer to help get you noticed by those that really matter.  Great quality is never free and while advertising costs have also skyrocketed, if your goal is to succeed in modeling, then investing in quality photographs by reputable well known photographers getting you noticed by those that matter is a win, win situation!
In addition, we hope, as you yourself progress in this industry you will learn the lesson;  the value of your own hard work, respect, experience, and self promotion, need to be compensated also.  You will be seen as respectful to those that have helped you progress in the industry, by doing simple things like sharing their images, reciprocating the value in their work as they promote you with the same.
Professionals in any industry know and respect each other because we see these things in eachother. In conclution; showing gratitude, respect, and never forgetting who helped you up the ladder of success is as important as honing your skills and self promotion because professionalism knows professionalism, and you may need to cross that bridge again in the future.
So start now by thinking smarter, being less selfish about obtaining your goal, acting more professional, being respectful by showing gratitude to those that help you, and by making a wiser investment by hiring someone that will work for you "long after the shoot has concluded".  The magic in a Professional Photographer's services, the gwc's (guy's with cameras) can’t is priceless!  I challenge you with this simple test; just Google Search their name or any model they have worked with (if you even notice a model's name on their images) chances are, images of the model won't show up in any search engine thus not doing a bit of good as far as getting the model noticed.  This is true with magazines as well as a host of other so called industry services out there, but that is another story for another time.
Be weary, these non-supportive, self-serving types, usually only shoot girls, with their tasteless, style-less, talentless skills and this will be the only pictures you see in their ports, kind of creepy if you ask me. Plus these are the very "trouble makers" that joke and spread gossip about the ones they are obviously jealous of,  that do make an income with their cameras!  So do the math and go figure!
As I said, you get what you pay for, free quality by unknown, amateur photographers, can't get you noticed like the reputable, hard working, seasoned professionals, making a living from their work.  We have stood the test of time and quality in the industry,  are respected by our peers, and have proven to give you the client, images you need to succeed. My motto, simply put: "If an image is worth a 1,000 words then I want mine to promote you", because your success is my success.
I hope this advise helps you maximize your journey as a model as you climb the ladder of success. We'll be watching for you!  I hope to hear from you soon. ~ Seth Garcia, Founder/CEO - IModel Network

     Hi there, my name is Seth Garcia,  I have many blessings to be thankful for; I won a prestigious "Photographer of the Year" award, I've been published in numerous local, state, national and international publications, and now also publish my own national publications and calendars for the iModel Network. I enjoy creating and collaborating competitive imagery that not only capture the spirit and personality of the model I work with empowering her with confidence by bringing out her natural beauty, but also capturing the imagination, inspiration, attention and excitement of the viewer. Images necessary to get your portfolio noticed more may include Artistic and Commercial Fashion, Glamour, Swimsuit and Boudoir.  I also help the models I work with get noticed more by promoting them in my extensive Online iModel Network, a growing promotional 'engine' that moves them up in the Internet search rankings.   I also teach photographers of all skill levels the Power-of-Light and Power-of-Photoshop in my 2n1 PowerofLightWorkshop.Com classes nation-wide. I am conveniently located in the 'Heart of the American Heartland' between St Louis and Kansas City and also enjoy touring the United States booking shoots for publications through my "Star Trek across America Model Star Search".

* 4 hours - 6+ outfit changes
* 2 web sized finished Images of your choice per outfit, plus images I have chosen.
* Prints & High-res digital files for printing and magazine submissions, posters, etc. are available.
* In studio and/or on location session

Deposit required to retain your date.
Available Nationwide!

Seth Garcia

Over 70 brand named wardrobe items available as an added convenience for you, at no additional charge!
Includes; wedding dress, formals, dresses, shirts, tops, hats, shoes, boots, lingerie, swimsuits, accessories.

Getting Married? Let me further compliment you and yours with my wedding coverage!


'Hello Phillipie, it is very nice to meet you! And thank you for sharing the published image of Brianna Perkins. We are happy that Seth's image is being seen by millions of viewers on newsstands across the country as well as our distribution to our many locations in hotel rooms, salons, medical offices, spas and of course our Barnes & Noble presence Nationwide. Along with our subscriber base and our Online presence we also think we can both benefit from networking together and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship! Thank you once again - it was a beautiful image! Continued success to you & Seth and iModel Network! ~Andrea Patrick Forte EIC Publisher Gladys Magazine

'Seth I just got the amazing bridal book!!!! It is so nice to work with someone who knows your vision on things, it turned out way better than what I expected. I can't thank you enough for putting it together so quickly. I am blessed to know and work with such a talented person! ;) xoxoxo "~ Stacy Stevens, Bride (It means so much, to also do the wedding of the model he's worked with :)

'Seth..  You are the hardest working photographer I know, man! Your stuff is fantastic. Not just saying that. You have a real feel for capturing the crowd and mood of the show. ~ Phil Willoughby, Attorney at Law

'I consider myself a very professional person. I do not work with people (models, photographers, etc.) that are unprofessional. I chose to work with Seth after a year of monitoring him and selecting photographers in the Midwest. Most that interested me proved to be unprofessional and am still glad I did not make those choices. When I shot with Seth he was very professional. He asked me what shots I wanted to do and as you can see in my profile pics/portfolio you can see I got the shots I wanted. I am proud of the work Seth did. I am shooting with him again. I trust him and although I do not recommend unprofessional photographers, I recommend Seth Garcia and will continue to recommend him.'~ Sarah Haze

'THANK YOU SETH!! I'm just sorry we haven't shot together sooner:) you're very professional and fun to work with! I love how much passion you have for photography!! :) ~ Shannon Ihrke

'Seth Garcia is freaking amazing! I had a blast when shooting with him and that is to say the least! He was very professional and very respectful but at the same time we had fun. Right away at the beginning of our first shoot we collaborated, he gave me time to show him my style of modeling. This was the best first shoot I have ever had. He was respectful in every aspect of the shoot never pushing any boundaries and did not ask me to do anything I would feel uncomfortable with. Finally, I got 2 Images from him immediately, 1 of which is my all-time favorite image. He works very hard at making sure each detail is perfect whether it be the background or lighting. He has many concepts he likes to shoot as well as very open to doing the models concepts too whether they be his bag or not. Will I shoot with Seth again? Gee, I sure hope so because he's awesome. Should you shoot with Seth? Most definitely!!!!' ~ Briella Brooke, Omaha,NE Model

'Seth, You know how to capture the beauty and bring out the magic in a woman...!'~ Shea, Model

'Seth is an outstanding, wonderful photographer and person as well. He is so comfortable to be around and tons of fun as well. You can tell by his work how great he really is. So if your a model wanting that extra boost in your port I would recommend him before anyone else.'~ Danielle, Model      
                                                        ADDITIONAL TESTIMONIALS, REFERENCES & REFFERALS

More of Seth Garcia's work?
Models of the American Heartland is an archive of over 11,800 images of over 900 Models on his Facebook Pages below.

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