Seth Garcia Photography

Seth Garcia Photography

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Click to see me doing my thing on a cobblestone st., lol.😃 Hi my name is Seth Garcia, I was born in D.C. and the son of a NASA rocket scientist that helped put man on the moon. Sure, as a kid I wanted to be an astronaut, but later decided to fly real airplanes for 12 years instead.Photography and film making started out as a hobby in high school and after 3 decades of self employment in the office machine business I decided to take up photography full time. 10 yrs now I have been the staff photographer for Lincoln University in Missouri. I am Internationally published and award winning. I feel fortunate that my work has appeared numerous international, national, state and local publications, magazines, billboards, websites, posters, musician's and religious CD covers to name a few. And while I'm being thankful of my many blessings, I am also the recipient of Camera South's 29th Annual "Photographer of the Year" Award, and the CEO of the iModel Network I founded in 2011.I also enjoy using my God given talent in other areas too besides Weddings, HS Senior & Family Portraiture, Landscape wall art, and Photojournalism; APlusPhotography.Com by helping Models gain attention and get noticed more. I shoot Beauty, Fashion, Glamour, Swimsuit, Boudoir, and more: StudioG Model Promotions. I also founded iModelnet.Com and on Facebook, we are now the largest industry based networking group with a growing number of yearly publications now available.I also feel blessed that my work has inspired and empowered many, helping models find work, as well as educating photographers of all skill levels, with tips, and tricks about lighting, composition and Photoshop techniques, in my PowerofLightWorkshop.Com seminars.I invite you to discover more about me as I present the following links to many of these diversities on various sites.Sincerely, Seth⚡Up-To-The-Minute Info & Links👼 Referrals, References and Testimonials


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Seth Garcia Photography